Stability Testing for Pharmaceutical Products

Stability testing for pharmaceutical products is an essential part of developing the latest and best items for the market.

Stability testing must be accurate and vigorous and because of this, a high quality testing unit is required. Typically, controlled hot or cold storage with temperature monitoring is used for stability testing, as these units offer the most accurate, real-life results.

However, there are a few things to consider if you want to achieve trustworthy stability testing for your pharmaceutical goods.

Stability Testing

Temperature Control

Temperature is a big factor in stability testing. Knowing a products breaking point can save your company money by minimising waste from inadequate product storage. Good stability tests will put your products up against many different temperature extremes, so a cold or heated storage unit with a large temperature range is essential for high quality, reliable results.

Humidity Control

Humidity is another factor that can greatly affect a products safety and ability to function. Much like temperature extremes, a cold storage or heated storage unit that offers complete humidity flexibility is a must have for any company looking to test their pharmaceutical items.

Pharmaceutical Stability Testing

Remote Control and Monitoring

Another essential factor for carrying out stability tests on pharmaceutical products is remote temperature and humidity control as well as remote monitoring. Without a remote system, test results can be skewed, rendering them unusable. Remote monitoring also allows for longer testing to take place, again offering better results.

Our Units

At CRS Pharma we have a number of hot and cold storage units highly suited to pharmaceutical testing. From basic chilled storage to specific close control temperature units, we can work with you to find the right type of units for your product testing.

All of our standard and pharmaceutical grade storage has been designed and tested to the highest standard, so you can be certain that your own stability tests will give accurate information. From flammable chemicals to blood packs, we’re highly equipped to help you store, transport and test pharmaceutical goods.

Bespoke units

Alongside our standard pharmaceutical units, we’re also specialists in bespoke design storage and have previously created stability testing rooms for world class businesses. Our scratch built custom units allow you to design exactly the right environment for your specific product. At CRS Pharma, we understand that no two products are the same and that each item has its own unique temperature and humidity sensitivities.

To find out more about how we can help your business with stability testing for pharmaceutical products, get in touch with a member of the CRS Pharma team today.

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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