About CRS Pharma Solutions


We have been providing temperature controlled storage to the Pharmaceutical industry for 30 years and have built up a highly skilled and knowledgeable team in CRS Pharma Solutions. Our staff are fully versed in the new GDP guidelines.

At CRS Pharma Solutions we have full confidence in the quality and reliability of our products and quality is key. With the ISO 9001 supporting full processes, systems structure, procedures and training. We take our ISO certification very seriously and we know that how we run our business can impact on patient safety.

We provide a full range of temperature controlled storage including varying sizes of Cold Stores, bespoke modular flat pack Coldrooms, 2°C – 8°C Chill Stores, Close Control Freezer Stores, Hot Boxes, Incubators, Blast Chillers/Freezers.



Pharmaceutical Equipment

All of our equipment is designed specifically for storage of high value pharmaceutical product and has passed our internal temperature mapping studies prior to installation. This equipment is specifically used in the pharma industry throughout its life. CRS do not cross use products that are designed for the pharma industry. First use of newly manufactured equipment is available.

We are familiar with the challenges faced by the RP and QP to QC within the industry and our in-house expert validation team are fully trained in the calibration and validation of all equipment, providing all of the IQ, OQ and PQ documentation required.

We will work with you to customise our Pharmagrade Storage solutions to your exact specification for hire or purchase – Whatever your project, our team will work with you to provide a solution.

Call today and speak to one of our Pharmaceutical Cold Storage experts, alternatively complete our contact form and we will be in-touch.


Company Registration Number: 212485. For purposes of quality control and staff training, CRS reserve the right to record all sales and enquiry calls, both incoming and outgoing. If you have any queries about the uses of recorded phone calls please contact us via enquiry@crs.ie.