Laboratory Equipment & Storage

Laboratory Storage

A cold storage solution from CRS Pharma Solutions suitable for scientific or medical use offers protection for a vast array of samples in a large range of storage capacities.

Our lab fridges and refrigerated laboratory equipment offers an unprecedented range of features providing an accurate storage environment that will ensure the safe storage and longevity of various samples and medication.

Scientific Cold Storage Laboratory Equipment

Our units have been used within HPRA/MHRA/FDA approved facilities for over twenty years, and are fully approved by the governing bodies that regulate the storage of medical samples and pharmaceutical products.

Lab Refrigerators

Lab Refrigerators

Our range of lab refrigerators is specifically designed to ensure the safe storage of biological samples. They offer precision temperature monitoring and full redundancy making them ideal for storing blood, reagents, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive materials.

Lab Freezers

Lab Freezers

Offering a fantastic range of sizes our range of Lab Freezers, showcases the very best in Laboratory Cold Storage. Our Lab Freezers boast a vast range of cooling options and advanced control options. It's these features that make them a fantastic solution for the storage of critical life sciences, clinical and industrial applications.

Vaccine Cold Storage

Vaccine Cold Storage

CRS Pharma Solution understands the demands of vaccine storage and the concise temperatures required for effective storage, ensuring longevity and validity. Each of our vaccine installations is specific to a client's needs. Call to discuss your requirement with one of our experienced team.

Our Experience providing Laboratory Equipment

Our cold storage solutions offer wireless monitoring. A key feature when monitoring the critical parameters involved in the storage of biological samples.

Redundancy is assured on all our installations. Two independent refrigeration units are installed for full critical redundancy, providing protection for valuable inventory or any other item placed inside.

All our Cold Storage Laboratory Equipment comes with a full control panel giving access to the operator to make convenient temperature control to required temperatures, with the capability to go as low as -65°C.

Safety Features

Safety features as standard include phone-in/phone-out, sight and sound alarm systems. Kill switches and lock stops are also installed for the peace of mind for both you and your medical employees.

Our clinical cold stores are weatherproofed so whether placed outside or inside, protection is provided from nature and its actions.

To inquire about our range of Cold Storage Laboratory Equipment for hire, rental, lease or purchase, contact our expert refrigeration sales team now or ring us on 0800 085 2298.


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