Validation Services

 Our experienced in house validation team can provide a turnkey solution customised to your needs:

  • The validation process is comprehensive and is executed efficiently and in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • The provision of complete documentation detailing the commissioning and qualification process
  • Equipment can be delivered in a validated state for immediate use, or can be fully validated on-site as required
  • Full IQ, OQ, PQ validation, including empty and full load thermal mapping studies
  • Verification of all local audio/visual alarms and any externally forwarded alarms
  • Thermal Mapping, Temperature Recovery, and Open Door studies
  • Insulation holdover and power failure studies
  • Provision of detailed summary report of the validation process, the data and results recorded during the execution of the IOPQ
  • Three point calibration of all control and monitoring probes
  • All Thermal mapping studies are conducted using the Kaye Validator 2000 which is CFR Part 11 compliant.

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