Ultra Low Temperature

Ultra Low Temperature

Ultra-Low to -70˚C

CRS Pharma Ultra-Low Temperature solutions are ideal for ensuring the integrity of ultra low-temperature sensitive products down to -70˚C.

The Ultra-Low Cold Storage of medicine and other pharmaceutical temperature-sensitive products is vital to ensure validity and stability. When testing pharmaceutical products, precise temperature control is critical to ensure accurate results.

Standard Features

  • Pharma ultra-low temperature.
  • Temperature controlled environment of as low as -70˚C.
  • Entirely weatherproof and suitable for external use.
  • Specialist container body providing maximum insulation
  • Dedicated ultra low-temperature lighting.
  • Custom built with extra-thick insulation.
  • Special insulated panel design to avoid delamination.
  • Works at ambient temperatures between -30˚C and 50˚C.
  • Dual refrigeration cascade system.
  • Anterooms can be installed.

Pharmaceutical Storage & Testing

The storage of Medical Drugs within the scientific field is vital to ensure quality and is an ideal solution within the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, the best storage is useful in encouraging growth and maximising your company’s profits.

In the field of medicine and especially life science, the importance of storing products at an ultra-low temperature makes a huge difference to research. The option to adapt temperature allows further benefits when carrying out extensive experiments.

CRS Pharma Solutions understand the importance of having temperature-controlled products stored correctly and want to work with you to take every request into account. CRS bespoke cold storage will allow you to carefully monitor your products at the desired temperature.

Bespoke & Additional Benefits

Additional premium benefits of simple access doors, local audio-visual alarms, non-slip floors and weatherproof allows our bespoke designs to be user-friendly.

Controlled room storage can be altered to suit the needs and requirements of your company. If there are products that require extra cold temperatures, our cold storage is available to maintain the quality of products at freezing temperatures.

Delivery and Installation of pharma ultra-low temperature units

CRS Pharma Solutions deliver personalised cold room storage and thus can be easily created to meet the unique requests of your industry. The systems are installed at your quickest convenience and can be situated internally or externally, regardless of the weather.

The cold room storage can be installed to suit any special requests, so please do not hesitate to ask. We are happy to advise and take pride in providing fantastic customer service and support to our clients.

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