Stability Pharmaceutical Chambers

Those working within the pharmaceutical industry are aware of the importance of testing medicine and drugs that are stored in industry chambers.

Therefore, maintaining the quality of products guarantees that products are at a safe standard for patients and consumers. Regular temperature testing and experimenting within chambers allows a pharmaceutical company to monitor and validate whether their products are at a quality standard to be used publicly and in testing.

A Stability Chamber from CRS will provide a stable, temperature controlled environment for testing for R&D, clinical trials or ongoing stability. They offer a state of the art monitoring, with real time reporting and a easy to use interface. CRS Stability Test Chambers have been specifically developed to meet the requirements of test laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry.

Stability Testing Chambers

Stability Testing Chambers

A Stability Testing Chamber allows for the conduct and monitoring of chemical, biological, and microbiological tests.

Within the chamber, products can be tested to see if factors such as humidity, light and temperature influence products whilst they are being stored.

By testing the factors that lead to changes in the quality of the drug, companies can establish the length of time a product can be stored under certain conditions and the shelf-life of the drug can additionally be established.

With close monitoring under testing chambers, pharmaceutical industries can also evaluate how the quality of a product is impacted by environmental changes.

Stability Test Chambers from CRS are ideal for pharmaceutical, life science, medical, biomedical storage, research, and more.

Stability Applications Include:

  • shelf life testing
  • stability testing
  • expiration date testing
  • accelerated aging

Temperature Chambers

Temperature Chambers

Temperature chambers may also be recognised as either Humidity or Environmental Chambers. They are used to conduct a variety of tests on medical products.

These types of chambers allow products to be stored in a Steady State Environment.

The chambers are equipped with state of the art monitoring technology that allows for real-time, accurate monitoring of the environment within the chambers, giving pharmaceutical companies the tools they require to evaluate the impact of a range of factors. For example,  our high-performance storage chambers artificially replicate conditions that may cause any damage to a pharma product when stored.

The chambers are used to examine the impact of conditions such as:

  • Weather (rain).
  • Extreme temperatures.
  • Moisture or relative humidity.
  • Exposure to sun.

When testing products for their tolerance to Humidity, we can utilise our range of Hot Box Stores, which allow products to be stored at high temperatures of up to +60°C. The products can be heated and stored at high-temperatures in a controlled environment.

CRS products that allow controlled temperature monitoring include:

  • Hot Box Stores
  • Incubator Stores
  • Climate Controlled Chambers

The temperature storage units allow pharmaceutical products such as medicine, blood samples and vaccines to be stored under precise temperature ranges and then tested.

Testing under controlled temperatures such as those in chambers means that pharmaceutical companies can verify and guarantee that the quality of the products is at a high standard.

Further to maintaining product standard, temperature chambers allow industries to configure the optimum temperature required for their product storage.

If you are interested in learning more about the best suited temperature chamber for your company, please get in contact with our team of experts today.


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