Pharmagrade Close Control Freezer Store

Pharmagrade Close Control Freezer Store

-40°C to 0ºC

CRS Climate Controlled Storage units are perfect for protecting the integrity of temperature-sensitive products. The cooling equipment will be capable of maintaining a temperature tolerance of +/-5ºC at all times within the storage space.

Two Identical high capacity refrigeration units are used to control the temperature in the storage space. Each will be totally independent of the other, with appropriate controls to meet the user’s operating requirements.

Temperature control is arranged so that both units cannot be simultaneously in the defrost cycle when one unit is defrosting cooling will always be provided by the second unit.

Standard Features

  • Evaporators/coolers are fitted with defrost socks and defrost hoods.
  • Custom built with extra-thick insulation to ensure minimum temperature loss.
  • Easy to open heated low-temperature doors and non-slip floors.

Climate-Controlled Storage

CRS Pharma Solutions provide climate-controlled containers, including refrigerated storage, blast freezers and hot boxes.

CRS Pharma Solutions offers a range of Climate Controlled Storage, perfect for safeguarding the stability and efficacy of temperature-sensitive products, such as medicine. Our climate-controlled storage units meet all required British Standards and EU regulations.

Temperature Controlled Storage

Temperature Controlled Storage

Temperature Controlled Storage plays a significant role in the stability testing and storage of medicine and other substances. Pharmaceutical companies must test products at a range of temperatures to ensure that they remain stable within the recommended guidelines and that the efficacy, or potency, is not affected by temperature fluctuations or abnormal temperatures during storage.

At CRS, our cooling equipment is capable of maintaining a temperature tolerance of +/-5ºC at all times within the storage space. It's this precise control that makes it the perfect companion when testing pharmaceutical products.

Bespoke Service

Our range of climate-controlled storage units can be modified to meet specific requirements. In our experience, no two applications are the same. There are always features that can provide further benefit to the users, that will offer enhanced efficiency or cost savings, on the cold storage solution.

No matter what your requirement, one of our team of experienced cold storage experts, will be able to advise you on the most suitable unit for your application. They will also be able to offer additional features or functions that could enhance the performance, or increase potential cost savings on your cold storage unit. It's this bespoke service that helps us ensure our clients are getting the perfect solutions that fully meets their needs.


Our climate-controlled storage containers can be installed internally or externally. The units are completely weatherproof, protecting your goods from all external elements.

We can deliver your chosen solution to the location of your choice and can provide installation and training where required. All our solutions are delivered to your site directly, so you don't need to worry about additional warehousing and transport costs.

Here at CRS, we can also guarantee first use of new rental/hire equipment available, when requested, proving highly valuable to clients whose units may be inspected or customer-facing.

Our Service Promise

Our Service Promise

At CRS Pharma Solutions our service goes beyond the delivery of your units. CRS operates a 24-hour call-out service to all hires within the UK. For customers who have purchased a cold storage solution, we extend a 12 Months, parts warranty.

Our highly skilled service engineers will respond quickly & efficiently in the unlikely event of a machine breakdown. We strive to form alliances with contractors to attend promptly to call-outs outside of Ireland & the UK.

Through our active policy of preventative maintenance with regular servicing of units on hire, we have successfully pre-empted many such callouts, much to your benefit & ours.

In addition, we offer maintenance contracts on all the equipment we provide.

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call on 0800 085 2298 (UK) or 1890 929 824 (IRL).

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