0ºC - 8ºC Chilled Stores for Irish Hospital

CRS were contacted by a leading Irish Hospital who urgently required a solution for their temperature sensitive medicines and vaccinations.

They needed a cold storage solution that would not only ensure the safe storage of their inventory, but also provide safe working and operating conditions for staff.

CRS conducted a site visit and met with officials at the hospital to determine their requirement. It was recommended that the hospital installed four 40ft Cold Stores that would offer ample storage and working safe and an efficient chilled temperature range of 0ºC – 8ºC.

The hospital opted for our top of the range Grade A+ units that offer all the features they required to get the solution up and running and fully operational. Hospital staff would require good access and an improved working environment alongside security measures to protect their value inventory.

The chilled temperature range was achieved through installing Air Conditioning Units as opposed to Freezer Units, to attain a consistent temperature through-out the units. Our Grade A+ solutions are equipped with temperature-controlled alarms and remote temperature monitoring so provided hospital workers with an easy way to manage and maintain the require operating temperatures.

This chilled temperature range is used to store all manner of pharmaceutical goods. It’s essential that pharma products are stored within the correct temperature range to ensure efficacy and stability of the product and restrict deterioration.

CRS delivered and installed the Cold Storage Solution to the hospital on time and within budget. The hospital was very pleased, considering the short time frame required to get the solution up and running.

To find out how CRS can help you protect the integrity of your temperature sensitive products call today and speak with one of our cold storage experts. Alternatively, complete our contact form and a member of staff will be in touch shortly.

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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