Concerns over insufficient Medicine Cold Storage

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, it could be catastrophic for the pharmaceuticals industry. Mike Thompson, head of the Association of the British Pharmaceuticals Industry has said that current government stockpiling plans are insufficient.

Some medicine needs to be kept at precise temperatures in order to maintain its quality and effectiveness. In these cases, it is not as easy as storing pills in a warehouse until they are required. Specialist pharmaceutical cold storage solutions are required.

Stockpile with CRS

CRS offer a wide range of cold storage solutions for the pharmaceuticals industry including:

Blast Freezers

Pharma grade blast freezers and chillers can help to boost the fluidity in your distribution chain. Cooling time of eutectic materials will be cut drastically, improving the lifetime of the drugs and extending their capacity for reuse. They are ideal for fast cooling of packs or plates for use in shipping frozen, refrigerated or controlled ambient products.

CRS aims to provide high quality and reliable products that will be uniquely suited to your business. Pharma grade blast freezers are design to store high value, temperature sensitive products in a way that is convenient and cost efficient for Pharmaceutical companies.

Hot Boxes

The +60°C for storage of your high-temperature products in hot boxes is achieved through the circulation of forced air with electric element heaters discharging up to 40kW of heated air into the insulated chamber. The controls are user friendly and provide a smoother operating system for your piece of mind.

CRS pharma grade hot boxes allow storage of large quantities of temperature sensitive medicines. Controlling the conditions that suit the needs of your products allows for long-term storage and extended life of the goods.

Incubator Stores

Incubator stores are built with reliability and safety in mind, with precise heating and cooling to provide temperature uniformity throughout the chambers. The temperature control ranges from +5°C to +40°C, so from storing blood packs to flammable chemicals as well as stability testing, their bespoke design is high quality and can be relied upon.  

We understand the importance of ensuring temperature-sensitive produce is stored correctly. The incubator stores not only extend pharmaceuticals shelf life, but ensures the products are kept safe for consumption.

ATEX Cold Stores

ATEX Cold Stores

CRS is a leading provider of specialised refrigerated containers for use in the storage of potentially dangerous contents. Our explosion proof range can be used for potentially destructive and hazardous materials, liquids and pharmaceuticals which require extra care.

CRS Pharma Solutions provides a range of Zone 1 and Zone 2, ATEX refrigeration equipment available for hire and purchase. We can also provide spill containment systems or “bunding” systems inside the containers if liquid spillage is a concern.

Pharma grade close control freezer store

From 0°C to – 40°C, CRS provide climate-controlled storage units that protect the integrity of temperature sensitive products. The internal cooling equipment is capable of maintaining a +/-5°C temperature tolerance at all times.

Two high capacity refrigeration units control the temperature, each independent with controls to meet each user’s operating requirements. While one unit is in a defrost cycle, the other will always be cooling the unit.

Ultra-low Temperature

The ultra low temperature solutions can reach temperatures up to -70°C which are ideal for ensuring the integrity of incredibly sensitive products. It is vital to ensure medicine and other pharmaceutical temperature sensitive products are kept with precise temperature control for their (validity and stability).

The storage of medical drugs for science and research does not only ensure the quality of the product produced, but it is useful in encouraging growth and even maximising company profits with reduced wastage.

2°C – 8°C Chilled Stores

CRS pharma 2°C to 8°C are ideal for protecting the integrity of refrigerated temperature sensitive products. They maintain precise temperatures through dual control modulating cooling systems keeping fluctuations to a minimum.

The chilled stores contain internal emergency lighting, high-temperature alarm and audio-visual alarms, offering our customers piece of mind and the assurance their product is being stored in the optimum way.

CRS Pharma Solutions have so many options for the storage of pharmaceuticals we will be sure to find the right solution for you. Contact us today and one of our friendly experts will help you through this simple but effective journey.

Stockpile with CRS

Thursday 6th June 2019

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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