Benefits of Cold Stores in the Pharmaceutical Industry

As one might expect, working within the pharmaceutical industry requires a high-level of technical expertise in order to meet stringent guidelines and industry requirements.

CRS Pharma Solutions have a wealth of experience in creating cold storage solutions that adhere to these standard, offering a cost-effective solution for the storage of temperature-sensitive products.

Our range of Cold Stores and Chambers can be tailored to meet exacting client requirements, offering fantastic features that will benefit your business and the employees who will be working within the cold stores.

Over the years, CRS have created solutions for all manner of Pharmaceutical requirements. This article gives an overview of the main reason companies within the medical and pharmaceutical industries opt to use a cold store.

Pharma Cold Store

Temperature Control

High Value inventories such as Vaccines and Medicine require concise temperatures to ensure safe storage. Fluctuations in temperature can lead to products becoming unstable, reducing their efficacy and making them unsafe for use. These issues mean increased waste, which often can have dramatic cost implications.

CRS offer state of the art Remote Temperature Control to ensure the required storage temperature is maintained and the environment inside the units never falls out-side of the safe storage ranges for products. Our Temperature Control system feature real-time reporting and early warning alarms if temperature fluctuation begins to occur.

Find out more about Pharmaceutical Temperature ranges.


Pharmaceutical Goods, such as Vaccines and Medicines are often high-value inventory and as such need adequate security measure in place to protect them from theft of tampering. Out units feature a range of locking solutions which are completely tamper proof.


In most cases, our Cold Stores will be situated outside, exposed to the elements. All of our units are completely weather-proof to ensure the safety of stored goods. The safety of your temperature sensitive goods is of utmost importance to us, and where necessary we will recommend Backup refrigeration systems offering full Redundancy on all critical features.

We understand that that that the safety & well-being of employees using the cold stores will also be a foremost concern. Our units offer features to enhance a unit’s usability and provide a safe working environment within the container. All our units feature easy open doors, interior LED lighting throughout, quality non-slip flooring and specialised person-trap alarms.

Pharma Cold Stores


For most organisations space is a valuable asset, and utilising available space wisely can help improve efficiency and offer new possibilities.

At CRS, we recommend site surveys to allow us to design the best possible solution for your business and the space you have available. In many cases, we have been able to offer fantastic space saving options that also offer improved usability.

Sometimes, simply selecting an appropriate size unit to accommodate your inventory isn’t enough. The experienced designers at CRS, will be able offer alternatives, such as using multiple smaller units to make better use of available space.

A huge benefit to choose a CRS Cold Storage solution is the ability to free up internal space by moving storage to external locations. Creating increased space internally can offer new possibilities for your organisation. You can situate our weather tight containers outside, safe in the knowledge that your inventory is safely protected.

Cold Stores can also be sited alongside existing structures and be designed to have adjoining links between them to provide ease of access.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of using a CRS Cold Storage Solution to store your pharmaceutical inventory. Simply, complete the Enquiry Form and one of our experienced staff will be in touch to discuss your requirement.



Wednesday 17th April 2019

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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