Pharmaceutical Temperature Ranges

Pharmaceutical products require controlled temperature storage to guarantee that quality is not compromised.

Pharma products require close temperature control & monitoring to comply with industry regulations and pharmaceutical safety guidelines.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries are required to deliver high-quality products to their patients. The storage or these products and medicines is a key priority, so that they can ensure the product is safe for use, stable and provide the intended efficacy of this product/treatment.

A range of regulatory temperature ranges need to meet the requirements of the regulator (HPRA, IMO, FDA). This is important for pharmaceutical companies to ensure they are assisting in Safeguarding public health and minimising potential risks that exist with products that are not correctly stored.

This article looks at the most common temperature range for pharmaceutical storage. It looks at how these temperatures affected the storage of products and medicine and which storage solutions offer said temperature ranges.

+25 to +60ºC | Incubator Stores / Hot Boxes

For many Pharmaceutical industries, the use of high-tech incubator stores is required for the safe testing of medical products, research, quality control and progression of scientific experiments. High-Temperature stores are essential investments for pharmaceutical companies looking to improve the quality of their product.

Suitable CRS Products that provide testing at this temperature range are Incubator Stores and Hot Boxes. These products provide safe, stable storage for a wide range of pharmaceutical products that need to be tested at increased temperature to ensure stability and efficacy. Our heated stores offer a wide range of temperatures, available for testing to concise regulatory standards.

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+15 to +25ºC | Controlled Ambient Storage / CRT

Pharmaceutical companies and those working within hospitals may be required to store patient’s temperature sensitive drug products within room temperature storage. Ensuring that products are stored safely and abide the regulations set by Ireland's regulatory agency, is vital for maintaining integrity of Pharmaceutical products.

Ambient storage can be an appropriate product for closely monitoring and testing products. Due to the specific temperature range, there is a guarantee that your products will be kept at optimum level and safe for patients to use.

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+8 to +15ºC | Cool Storage

The correct cool temperature for the storage of specific products is essential when working within a pharmaceutical industry. The use of high-cool storage is required for the safe testing of medical products, drug stability and protection of high-value medical. Cool storage can be essential investments for pharmaceutical companies looking to improve the quality of their product, whilst expanding the variety of their storage capacities.

CRS Equipment is regularly used on Irish IMB, FDA & MHRA approved sites for the storage of high-value inventories such as vaccines, diagnostic kits and blood samples since 1996. Storage chambers provide high value controlled cooling environments for a range of products and can be suited to meet the needs of your industry.

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+2 to +8ºC | Cold Storage / Chilled Stores

Chilled stores may be required to store pharmaceutical inventories such as vaccines, blood samples and medical drugs. Guaranteeing that the inventories are stored at the correct narrow temperature is vital to ensure they are usable. Pharmaceutical Chilled stores provides a cold and controlled environment for products. This further prevents the deterioration and protects the integrity of temperature sensitive products that require safe storage within medical and healthcare industries.

The temperature sensitive alarms will provide peace of mind as if any fluctuation occurs, standby units are immediately triggered. The Dual control modulating cooling systems additionally ensure that temperature fluctuations are kept to a minimum to protect at all times.  Investing in specialised Cold storage can be the ideal long-term solution to suit many pharmaceutical requirements.

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4 to +2ºC | Refrigerator Storage

Pharmacy refrigerators provide the reliability and security that's essential when protecting pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, blood samples and medical drugs. The refrigerator storage additionally incorporates a stable temperature control between the ranges of 4 to +2ºC.

Our storage offers a collection of supply chain monitoring solution products. These include remote temperature monitoring, tracking, recording and reporting. Refrigerator storage speciation’s allow products to be stored in a strict and controlled environment and ensures products are kept protected against any worst-case scenarios.

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-40 to 0ºC | Frozen Storage

The storage of highly temperature sensitive products within the pharmaceutical industry is required.  Frozen storage enables industries to store products such as sensitive drugs that need to be kept between a specific temperature for patient and industry use.  

Our Frozen storage can be a suitable and a beneficial product that can aid scientific and support medical research experiments. The additional benefit of reducing the time it takes to cool ambient products, allows pharmaceutical companies to increase their efficiency levels and can also impact in the level storage long-term.  Quickly reducing temperatures can additionally aid when transporting products throughout various locations.

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-70 to -40ºC | Ultra-Low Storage

Our ultra-low freezers are designed with safe and dependable long-term storage in mind. Ultra-low freezers are designed with maintaining products at an optimal quality.  Products such as vaccines, whole blood, stem cells and various other samples and bulk products can be stored at maximum capacity.

Ultra-low storage products are designed with long-term storage and protection of inventories in mind. The importance of storing products used for scientific research within a specific temperature range is taken into consideration with the creation of the models.  For example, there are a variety of models that offer Ultra low storage temperature range’s. These can additionally accommodate and suit the storage of products used for scientific research to produce reliable results.

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Investing in the most suitable storage can greatly enhance productivity and improve efficiency levels within your industry. Whether you are looking to increase safety of products that are stored long-term or looking to widen storage capacities, there are a variety of storage that suit specific temperature ranges.

Our products are created to suit the specialised requirements of pharmaceutical industries and can easily be adapted to suit your choice of product storage. If you are looking to inquire about our range of Temperature solutions, please contact our expert refrigeration sales team on 0800 085 2298.

Monday 19th August 2019

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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