The Use of Cold Storage Chambers in Pharma Testing

The pharmaceutical industry demands precise standards and concise storage environments. At their core, our Cold Stores are the same for any industry.

It’s the additional features that we implement to make them suitable for the exacting requirements required by most pharmaceutical companies. Cold Stores & Chambers offer an excellent, high-quality option for Pharmaceutical industries.

This article looks at how Cold Stores offer a variety of uses for pharmaceutical companies in a little more detail.

 Cold Storage Containers


Stability testing is vital within the Pharmaceutical industry. Thus, manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical medicine, need to comply with regulations. Storage in a controlled environment allows the indication of how safe products are to use and their optimum storage temperature.

An awareness of temperature fluctuations regarding sensitive products is significant.  Due to the nature of goods being able to reach critical points when subject to improper temperatures, close monitoring is required.


 Temperature Controlled Storage

Temperature control

The use of cold storage allows safe temperature control of medicines, drugs and temperature sensitive products. Improper control of temperature can reduce the quality of goods. For specific types of products, a temperature change can lead to them being unfit for use.

Due to products such as vaccines and medication requiring specific temperature storage, a controlled unit can be an excellent choice.  Additionally, to ensure that products are safely distributed to users across the country at safe temperatures, cold storage can provide features that allow for precise control of fluctuations. 

Features such as forced air and temperature uniformity are imperative to control the quality of products. This additionally ensures that industry regulations are thoroughly followed and that vaccinations, medicines reach the patients at a high-quality level.  The protection of products within cold storage will provide reassurance and a limited amount of waste.


Future development

Cold Storage can be a useful way to stock products when experimenting. As Cold Stores & Chambers offer auto defrost interlocking systems, they offer back-up solutions in worst case scenarios. Thus, there is always the reassurance of back-up products being available.

Adding an extension to existing storage opens opportunities and allows efficiency and an increase in productivity within your workforce.

Pharma Laboratory 


Flexibility and a solution that is adaptable is important. Due to temperature sensitivity that may exist when experimenting with products ensuring that you can take control of the temperature can increase chances of developing more products.

One advantage of cold storage is the convenient temperature control to required temperatures, with the capability to go as low as -70°C. This allows you to experience the temperatures and find the one that suits your products the most.

Cold Stores can be used to store blood, vaccinations and medicine in addition to testing products. The ability to experiment with products which may lead to future developments.

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Thursday 18th June 2020

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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