Pharmaceutical Vaccine Fridges

The use of pharmaceutical vaccine fridges for vaccinations and other pharma products

Whilst several pharmaceutical companies are currently achieving promising results in terms of their COVID-19 vaccine developments, the challenge once a viable and successful vaccine is procured will be to maintain and store the vaccination in the correct environment.

With this in mind, when the vaccine is viable and mass-produced the procurement of suitable and industry-approved vaccine storage containers will be the next challenge for pharma and medical organisations.

This is not a domestic issue but rather a global problem and approved laboratory storage and containers suitable for vaccine storage will become scarce and production waiting will increase.

Although there a considerable variation of products to choose from to meet your pharmaceutical and medical storage needs – in the long term, short term and pandemic vaccines. It is important to select the correct product in alignment with your business needs.

Vaccine Trials

Despite the vaccine trials currently being undertaken, the timescale for when the vaccine will be available is drastically unknown as is the environment it will need to be stored. One certainty which is known, as it is the same for every vaccination, is the need for a temperature-controlled clinical refrigerator where the climate can be monitored and adapted if necessary.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that when storing and handling vaccinations you use a purpose – build or pharmaceutical – grade unit to either freeze or refrigerate them.

These units can either be compact vaccine refrigerators should you only need to handle a limited number of biological samples or a large-scale vaccine storage container should you require holding an extensive amount of stock.

CRS Cold Storage

CRS Cold Storage is an industry-leading supplier able to provide an array of different cold storing products with varied specifications which will meet your handling needs.

We understand the challenging, and at times frustrating, logistical difficulties which pharmaceutical companies face when storing numerous products which are temperature-dependent to keep viable.

The range of different cold storage solutions which we offer not only meet industry standards but are also used throughout the pharmaceutical, industrial and retail sectors. Our history of designing solutions for clients working with the Ebola Vaccination is evident in our commitment and expertise to the industry.

Take a look at our article where CRS assited in supporting the Ebola Crisis

Vaccine Store Fridges

Our range of vaccine storage fridges is specifically designed to securely contain vaccines and other biological temperature-controlled substances. Our products on offer are available new and refurbished to be rent, leased or purchased perfectly matching your budgetary requirements.

40ft Pharmaceutical Cold Store

This pharmaceutical storage solution allows for state-of-the-art temperature control with easy-open doors and non-slip floors with pharma-grade refrigeration available for up to 19 pallet capacity.

Key Features:

  • Internal lighting including standard emergency lights.
  • Over and under temperature alarm system.
  • Built-in battery backup ensuring alarm sounding 24 hours in case of power failure.
  • -35°C – +35° temperature capability.
  • Can function in an outside ambient temperature of -20°C – +40°C

Mega Cold Stores

The extra-wide cold storage containers offer users an increased holding capacity enabling 23, 49 or 75 pallets depending on the chosen product with storage temperatures functioning between -40°C – +30°C.

Whilst each option varies in features and can be further customised to better suit your needs, the range comes as standard with:

  • Easy-open doors.
  • Sound and visual alarms.
  • Smooth non-slip floors.
  • Low noise emitting.
  • Man-trap buttons ensuring staff safety always.

All the CRS Vaccine Storage containers will allow you to monitor temperature information in real-time and have two independent refrigeration units. Whichever solution you choose, you will benefit from weatherproof design allowing for its positioning inside or out.

CRS are committed to ensuring maximum results and efficiency for your vaccine storage needs offering a supply chain monitoring package providing solutions including remote temperature monitoring and reporting. Ultimately, ensuring the environmental factors are stable and limiting the risk of contamination.

For those beginning to look ahead and prepare for storing vaccines or alternatively wanting to fully maximise their vaccine refrigeration or temperature-controlled units, CRS’ dynamic solutions are a great fit. Speak to one of our experts today to find out exactly how CRS can help improve your storing and handling operations.


Monday 21st September 2020

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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