Vaccine Cold Chain

The benefits of a successful Cold Chain in transporting vaccines 

Maintaining the temperature of a vaccine can be an incredibly difficult task in transporting it nationally and internationally to laboratories, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. One pivotal method in achieving this is through vaccine cold stores being a part of the vaccine cold chain.

Cold Chains

A cold chain is a process of preserving the required temperature of biological samples at which they remain viable from their manufacturing through to the end of the distribution chain. This cold chain vaccine storage process is one which may be implemented either nationally or in an international scope.

As the cold chain process is particularly effective in transporting climate-controlled substances, not only is the process used in the pharmaceutical industry but also in transporting perishables, medical samples and frozen goods.

As a result of the highly implemented process across different industries, extensive legal requirements are often implemented encouraging for the retaining of temperature influenced products. Due to this, operators throughout the chain need to monitor the storage temperature, preferably remotely, as it can reduce the possibility of any contamination.

Why is the Cold Chain vaccine process important?

Transporting vaccinations can be a gruelling and logistically complex task with the risk of temperature fluctuations causing vaccines to lose its potency, should this happen the vaccine is unable to be restored into a beneficial supply.

In achieving a vaccine cold chain, pharmaceutical companies not only are able to increase their reach of the vaccination but equally begin to secure a stockpile should the event occur in which they need one.

CRS Cold Chain Solutions

The CRS cold storage product range provides the capability for companies to create an effective cold chain with storage units having a 1 – 58 pallet capacity. The pharmaceutical cold chain stores can provide strategic benefit to your vaccine cold chain allowing for access to real-time temperature information of your cold stores.

All the cold stores are fitted with a full control panel allowing for essential temperature control to achieve required cold chain climates and with the capability of accessing temperatures as low as -35°C.

Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Store Key Features:

  • Two independent refrigeration units.
  • Two visual and sound alarms.
  • Kill switches and lock stops already installed.
  • Weatherproof ideal for placement of storages inside or out. 

Pharmaceutical Cold Stores

A range of temperature-controlled storage containers which have already been utilised by medical board approved sites, able to store a range of pharmaceutical products and designed to a high specification with the ability to still be customised to better suit the needs of your business.

CRS offers a range of different product variations and specifications at differing prices but are each built to the highest standards and meet legal requirements.

Extra Wide Cold Storage Containers

Not only assisting in the refrigeration of vaccines but also in acting as a large tool in the cold chain vaccine process, CRS’ wide cold stores allow for the increased capacity of vaccines in a larger quantity compared to a usual vaccine refrigerator.

The product range on offer has the potential for storing between 23 and 75 pallets with a storage temperature flexing between -40°C to +30°C. The specifications and flexibility which these containers offer allow for the usage in different industries not limiting themselves to pharmaceuticals.

Key features:

  • Easy-open doors.
  • Interiors designed with easy cleaning.
  • Interior lighting.
  • Visual and Sound alarms.
  • Low noise generating.
  • Non-slip flooring. 

CRS can offer a package of cold chain monitoring solutions in which remote temperature monitoring, tracking and reporting are available. Not only does this solution allow for the monitoring of the vaccine storage environments but will also assist in key checkpoints throughout the cold chain whilst limiting contamination.

Get in contact with our experienced and knowledgeable advisors to see how we may help optimise your cold chain vaccine storage today.

Thursday 24th September 2020

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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