-70/80° ultra-low temperature storage

If you have read our recent article on The COVID-19 Vaccine, you will understand the complexity of storing a vaccine. Once it has been developed, precise conditions are required for storage to retain its efficacy. 

One of the main factors in retaining a vaccine’s viability is storing it in the correct temperature. Fluctuations in the storage temperature can damage the vaccine reducing its efficacy or ruin the vaccine completely.

With the COVID-19 pandemic becoming increasingly severe, the pressure is surmounting for the pharmaceutical industry to develop a viable vaccine for the vaccine or at the minimum to continue to mass-produce drugs which are having positive effects.

Whilst substantial efforts have been made regarding the vaccine, it is still a revolving process with leading research now suggesting that reaching colder temperatures than usual within the handling of vaccines will be necessary.

Currently, the research is suggesting that storage capabilities will need to reach temperatures of -70°C to ensure the viability of the vaccine and its efficacy. Although a -80°C climate may be needed, there are very few options on the market which can comfortably reach this. 

As a result, we are seeing tremendous efforts being made by manufactures to produce high-quality, technically suitable storage solution that can reach these such low levels. However, the development and production of these low-temperature units will undoubtedly take time.

CRS and our partners 

With the understanding of the importance of this ultra-low temperature storage solutions which will be required for handling the COVID-19 vaccine, CRS’ partners are in the process of developing such a solution.

Current research shows that certain drugs are showing promising results in helping with symptoms of the virus; these have very stringent handling requirements. Equally, some research is indicating the use of already viable vaccines which are showing promising results for the treatment. 

Both companies are working on, and are expected to launch, -70°C storage solutions in the first quarter of 2020 with -80°C following at the end of the year. This offering will increase your pharmaceutical capabilities on a large scale with climate-controlled capabilities to ultra-low temperatures; this option can increase your storage capacity, and the pharma products companies can offer. 

CRS Pharma is a leading expert in providing high-quality and industry-approved solutions and equipment. With the high stakes on the vaccine and the importance of storing it to the specific standards to ensure its potency is viable, you need to choose cold storage from a trustworthy and credible company. Get in contact today.

Thursday 12th November 2020

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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