Pharmaceutical Distribution

Due to the high value nature of pharmaceutical products breaks in the pharmaceutical cold chain can be costly.

Patient’s safety and ultimately lives depend on accurate storage and distribution through-out the cold chain.

There is increasing demand for improve temperature monitoring and quality assurance from the pharmaceutical regulatory boards. As a result, many organisations are looking at ways to stop defective pharmaceuticals before they are distributed for use.

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

The solution to prevent the spoiling process is Real Time Monitoring which enables pharma companies to be reactive to temperature fluctuations and take an appropriate course of preventative action.

Real Time Monitoring systems are an intelligent step forward for pharmaceutical distribution, offering end-to-end visibly through-out the cold chain. Temperatures are reported and monitored for the duration of transit and storage. The system makes it possible to recognise breaches in temperature conditions allowing actions to be taken to prevent spoilage.

For most organisations, preventing spoilage and ensuring the integrity of pharmaceuticals will give a strong competitive advantage. Adopting Real Time Monitoring makes validating pharmaceutical cold chain temperatures easy and gives greater transparency to regulatory authorities.


Monitoring Services from CRS

CRS use only the very best components when building a Cold Store to meet our clients specifications. Using the best suppliers and systems ensures that our solutions are a cut above the rest. We feel when it comes to creating stable environments for storage or testing of pharmaceutical goods, only the best will do.

Our temperature monitoring systems are provided by Rmoni. Their Sensor to Web technology enables customers to remotely access the temperatures and environmental condistions within their cold stores.

For many industries, having a reliable temperature control system is vital for the storage of short and long-term products. Rmoni products provide the assurance that if there is a temperature drop, you will be alerted immediately. This provides your products with safe, stable environment and can benefit your business in terms of cost-efficiency by minimising waste.  

Main features include:

  • Full alarm capabilities with HACCP compliant and auditable reporting.
  • A time-saving and cost-efficient alternative to manual measurements.
  • Ready-to-use reports for both internal audits and regulatory authorities.
  • Cost-Efficient, Easy-to-Use Remote Temperature Monitoring

To find out more about Pharmaceutical Temperature ranges view our Guide, which explain the standard range of temperatures and the products and services associated with them.

Thursday 28th March 2019

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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