Pharma Chilled Storage Benefits

Chilled storage provides reliability and temperature monitoring for Pharmaceutical companies. This is essential for storage of drugs and medicines under specific temperature requirements.

Chilled storage can help by prolonging the life of products and preventing products from deterioration. Chilled storage additionally provides the assurance that products are kept in a cool and temperature controlled environment.  

Due to the strict regulations biotechnology and pharmaceutical companiesare required to meet, ensuring chilled storage is safe and at high standard is obligatory. At CRS, it is the additional features that we implement that makes Chilled storage suitable for the exacting requirements required by most pharmaceutical companies.

There are a variety of options to choose from when considering chilled storage and all are great storage solutions. Whether you require walk in freezers, mobile cold storage or a specific size pharmaceutical cold room – There are temperature controlled storage  solutions available to suit your business needs.

This article gives an insight into some of the benefits chilled storage can provide for your business.

Chilled Storage Chambers

Multiple uses

Pharmaceutical chilled storage has a range of uses and functions. Cold storage units can be adapted to suit all types of product storage and your precise temperature requirements. Chilled storage units are ideal for protecting the integrity of refrigerated temperature sensitive products.

Chilled storage can maintain precise temperatures through Dual Close Control modulating cooling systems, which ensure temperature fluctuations are kept to a minimum. This ensures products are kept safe and are protected. In addition, most cold storage solutions can be customisable to suit business needs and requirements.

Not only will this provide less waste of products, it can optimise product validity and efficacy. Additionally, if products are required for experimentation and patient use, storing within the right temperature can ensure products are safe for usage.


Pharma Chilled Storage

Freeing up space

Your business may require a specific size or shape to ensure products are stored safely. Chilled storage comes in variances of sizes, styles and types.

One of the key benefits of chilled storage is that it can be stored either internally or externally to free up space within your premise. This can increase efficiency, productivity and also act as a future back up of product protection. Having the opportunity to store products in a back-up facility, will increase product expansion and allow long-term storage of specific products.

It additionally will mean that businesses can store products at different temperatures when required, assisting in protecting temperature sensitive products such as medicines and drugs.


Air Thermal Mapping

Air Thermal Mapping

When storing temperature sensitive products, temperature mapping is important. This ensures that a chilled storage room is controlled efficiently with an even temperature throughout.

Temperature mapping monitors any fluctuation. Thus, if there are any issues with ventilation, airflow restriction, air conditioning systems or heating; monitoring of temperature will allow temperature differences to be calculated to ensure safe storage of products under the industry and acceptable standard.

Below are some further benefits of cold storage:

  • High quality build specification with easy open doors and non-slip floors.
  • Easy clean, stainless steel interiors.
  • Local audio-visual alarms for total peace of mind.
  • Energy efficient refrigeration units.

At CRS, we pride ourselves in providing clients with solutions that are energy and cost efficient. There a variety of options to choose from and CRS Pharma will aim to take in clients every need and requirement.

For pharmaceutical cold storage that provides exacting temperature control with full redundancy features contact CRS Pharma Solutions. One of our experienced staff will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest the best solution for your application.

Thursday 9th May 2019

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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