Modular Cold Rooms: The Benefits

Modular cold rooms are one of the newest and most effective ways to store highly sensitive pharmaceutical goods.

They’re a good investment whatever the size of your business and hold a number of impressive benefits.

Here are just some of the advantages modular cold storage holds over other types of temperature controlled units.

Panel variations

One of the simplest benefits of modular cold storage is that different panel thicknesses can be requested to suit your company’s unique needs. Finding the right panel for the type of product you stock can ensure the perfect balance between adequate cold storage and cost-effective power consumption. With the right panel, modular rooms could save your business significant amounts of money.

Impressive flexibility

Modular Cold Rooms are designed to be built around your business and premises needs, so it makes sense that they offer high flexibility internally too. From strip curtains and pallets to monobloc units and coving sections, there are a variety of additional extras you can take advantage of when building your own modular cold room.


Modular design makes it easy to build and re-build wherever necessary. This is a fantastic benefit if your products need to be stored in different locations throughout the year. Unlike fixed cold storage, modular cold storage is put together on-site in panel form, meaning that they’re just as easy to dismantle as they are to assemble.

Fast installation

The speed at which modular cold storage can be put together is seriously impressive and means that no time is wasted on the installation process. Waiting for new storage to be built and arrive can sometimes take longer that you’d like but with modular rooms, you can be up and running in less than an hour.

Safety and security

Despite its basic panel by panel installation process, modular cold storage offers security for both your products and your employees. With top of the range security features such as interior safety handles, man trap alarms and more, you can have peace of mind that no matter where your storage is placed, it’s safe and secure.

Total control

You might be worried that with convenience comes a downgrade in the temperature quality of your cold storage but with modular cold storage that certainly isn’t the case. In fact, most modular cold storage offers the latest in remote temperature technology and can significantly improve temperature management within a unit. This means you can monitor, check and change temperatures to suit the unique needs of your products without worrying about surprise fluctuations.

Modular cold rooms can also offer humidity control and pressure balance, for products that require particularly sensitive atmospheres to exist. So, no matter what type of product your business stores, a modular unit can offer total control from day one.

Find out more about modular cold storage for your pharmaceutical goods. Get in touch with CRS Pharma today and speak to one of our modular unit specialists.

Thursday 1st August 2019

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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