F GAS regulations 2020

F GAS regulations are set to change dramatically on January 1st 2020, with a heavy focus of reducing the global warming potential (GWP) of commercial refrigerated containers.

As links between global warming and the use of F Gases becomes stronger, CRS Pharma has chosen to make a change now, to help better serve the environment.


What units will be affected by the regulation change?

The new regulation coming into effect at the beginning of 2020 will see many units banned due to the high GWP of F Gases used within them. From 2020, any hermetically sealed commercial refrigeration or freezing unit with a GWP of 2500 or more will no longer be legal, lowering to 150 by 2022.

Stationary refrigeration units that rely on hydroflurocarbons (HFCs) to function, the most common type of F GAS found in systems, will also be banned if their GWP meets or exceeds 2500. The only exception to this will be refrigeration units that are designed for deep freezing applications below -50oC. This may mean that some pharmaceutical units will be exempt from these new regulations. Hermetically sealed, movable air conditioning units and foams containing HFCs will also no longer be legal if their GWP exceeds 150 by 2020.

These forthcoming regulations are part of the EU’s gradual phase-down steps, which aim to reduce the average annual total of F Gases on the market to 23% by 2030.


What is CRS Pharma is doing to combat GWP in units?

CRS Pharma is dedicated to producing cold storage units that work with the environment not against it. We understand the impact global warming can have on our society and the planet’s health, which is why we’re making the move to less hazardous F Gases now, rather than waiting until 2020.

Refrigerant blends, such as the R452A, are proving to be a great alternative to the more commonly used R404A, which has double the amount of GWP and is actually a less energy efficient gas. By moving to more eco-friendly blends, CRS Pharma is not only helping customers reduce global warming risks but helping them to save money through lower electricity costs too.

Whilst flammability continues to be an issue with low GWP refrigerant blends, the R452A has a safety rating of A1, making it the perfect solution for safely lowering GWP without risking flammability.

As our understanding of the links between F GAS and global warming develop and as EU regulations continue to change, CRS Pharma will work hard to pre-emptively create and stock refrigeration units that put the environment first.

CRS Pharma currently stocks a wide range of units with a low GWP, so you can protect the environment whilst protecting your temperature sensitive goods.

Friday 14th July 2017

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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