Benefits of using a 2-8°C refrigerator

2-8 degree Celsius refrigerators guarantee a constant temperature to protect the integrity of sensitive products. Specific pharmaceutical products can’t cope with the effect of wide temperature variations, and these controlled-temperature units are specifically designed to store highly-sensitive products efficiently.

The following describes some of the main benefits of using 2-8° degree Celsius refrigerators for storage and stability testing of pharmaceutical products.

Constant Temperature

2-8°C refrigerators stand alone among scientific refrigerators. They are specifically designed for products that can’t tolerate temperature fluctuations such as vaccines or insulins. These small volumes of liquid are always highly-sensitive to any temperature swings due to their small thermal weight.

2-8-degree refrigerators can maintain precise temperatures through Dual Close Control modulating cooling systems, ensuring temperature fluctuations are kept to a minimum.

Duty Standby

When using 2-8 °C chilled stores, maximum consistency is assured. These units are equipped with Duty Standby temperature control. This means that if one of the units defrosts naturally during the standby rest period, the other unit will kick in and provide the needed cooling to keep the temperature accurate.

The standby unit can also bring the temperature back if a high-temperature alarm occurs. When the temperature is lower than needed, both duty and standby cooling units will shut down to allow temperature to get back within the required range.


These refrigeration units send you early warnings to prevent any possible damage to the products stored. These alerts will keep you updated on any damaging temperature fluctuation before it has time to affect your product’s quality. The alarms will go off if temperatures registered are 3 or 7°C giving you plenty of time to act accordingly and avoid wastage or safety issues.


These 2-8 °C chilled stores can not only give you peace of mind by keeping the temperature controlled; they are also equipped with convenience features that will make the work easier and safer to carry.

Easy-open doors, non-slip floors, easy-clean clean materials, stainless steel interiors and local audio-visual alarms are some of the main features within each of these units.

If you are interested in using a 2-8 °C refrigeration unit for your pharmaceutical products, get in touch, and our cold refrigeration team will help.

Thursday 3rd October 2019

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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