The Demand for -70 Ultra Low Storage

Delivering highly specified temperature-controlled storage solutions to the pharmaceutical industry for several years, we have developed a strong experience in producing solutions to meet the stringent requirements of products.

Demand for Ultra-Low -70 temperature solution

With the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine being approved in the UK and the EU’s final assessment brought forward to this week, the next major challenge which pharmaceutical companies are facing is the distribution for mass rollout.

With all vaccines, their effectiveness is dependent on them being stored within the outlined temperature top ensure they retain their efficacy in fighting the virus. However, the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine uses mRNA strands which triggers the immune system against the virus; this mRNA strand needs an ultra-low temperature of at least -70 to stabilise it and keep its potency.

The ultra-low temperature storage necessity presents the primary logistical challenge and is also the cause of large demand. With this temperature uncommon, there is a shortage in the availability of products which can facilitate it.

Fortunately, CRS Pharma has a diverse experience in the pharma industry and are working on solutions expected for release at the beginning of 2021.


Our history of working with the pharmaceutical industry means we are in a unique position to deliver leading Pharma grade solutions. From our experience with vaccines and leading pharma companies, CRS Pharma is preparing to deliver leading solutions to meet the challenge of this vaccine.

In 2016, CRS Pharma gained experience in the handling of vaccines during the fight against Ebola. Working with our supplier, a leading manufacturer, we were able to deliver two high-quality deep freeze containers for Pfizer to use shipping Ebola trial vaccines.

The Ebola vaccine has a similar ultra-low temperature to the Pfizer/ BioNTech vaccine, CRS Pharma has a clear understanding of the specifications involved in ultra-low solutions and vaccine handling.

CRS Pharma New Product Range

We have developed three types of -70 equipment into our new Ultra Low-Temperature Pharma Grade range, launching in the new year and set for delivery in early 2021.

Internal design features such as antechambers, side doors for trolley access, operator safety alarms and trace heating have been incorporated to ensure optimal and efficient use of the unit for the user. There are units designed for both shipping purposes and static storage. Of these, there is a choice of a Single Cooling unit or a Dual Cooling unit.

Increasing our current stock

With other major vaccine contenders still being developed by leading organisations including Oxford University/AstraZeneca and Moderna, CRS Pharma has been making efforts to increase our stock levels to accommodate their handling once approved.

With these two contenders, they require easily achievable temperature-controlled environments ranging between 8˚C to -20˚C. The CRS Pharma product range can achieve these and are ready to be dispatched.

Get in touch with CRS Pharma today to learn more about our upcoming -70˚C storage solutions for efficiently managing COVID vaccines.

Friday 18th December 2020

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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