Temperature Controlled Storage

Temperature Controlled Storage

Temperature Controlled Storage for Samples & Vaccines

CRS Pharma Solutions offer a range of Cold Storage equipment designed for the specific storage of clinical samples and vaccines.

We understand the strict demands that are placed upon laboratories, hospital and pharmacies by the regulatory boards controlling the safe storage of clinical materials and biological samples.

We have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 20 years and our solutions have been implemented in some of the leading hospitals and medical research sites in the UK. Since 1996, we have provided Temperature Controlled Storage to medical board approved sites for the storage of high-value inventories such as vaccines, diagnostic kits and blood samples.

Our solutions provide complete stability and protection for high-value biological sample assets. Our experience allows us to provide complete assurance to our clients and meet the specific needs of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Bespoke Scientific Storage Equipment

Bespoke Scientific Storage Equipment

CRS Pharma Solutions provide completely tailored cold storage solutions. Therefore, we can meet specific requirements that may be required for the comprehensive scientific sample asset storage and management.

Controlled Room Temperature (CRT)

Our controlled room temperature solutions are designed to provide a high-performance storage environment to ensure absolute sample integrity and total regulatory compliance. All our solutions feature full redundancy to ensure your samples are protected at all times.

Our Scientific Temperature Controlled Storage provides a complete short-term and long-term storage solutions. Our solutions provide storage at multiple temperatures. Operating at Cold Storage (-20ºC to 5ºC) or Controlled Room Temperature (15ºC - 27ºC) our solutions are suitable for the storage of biological samples in various phases of clinical trial testing.

Our units also feature multiple levels of security to ensure the safety of your temperature-sensitive items and the medical staff operating the cold store. Safety features as standard include phone-in/phone-out, sight and sound alarm systems. Kill switches and lock stops are also installed for the peace of mind for both you and your medical employees.

We can also offer long or medium-term ICH stability storage for stability trials.

To inquire about our range of Controlled Room Temperature solutions for clinical use contact our expert refrigeration sales team on 0800 085 2298.


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