The Benefits of Pharma Cold Storage

The pharmaceutical industry heavily relies on ensuring that medicine, chemicals and other substances remain viable for their intended purpose. For many of these products, temperature plays a vital role in keeping their efficacy and suitability intact.

Implementing cold storage into the pharmaceutical logistics strategy is an excellent method for retaining products’ viability whilst also extending the space and storage of the laboratory.

With biological and chemical substances often needing stringent temperature regulations, using cold storage can efficiently reach these temperatures and can be modified for storing the final product at the correct temperature needed, including medicine, vaccines and chemical agents.

By using innovative and leading temperature control equipment, cold storage solutions allow for minimal temperature fluctuations providing peace of mind that substances being held continue to be viable for usage.

Maintaining this temperature has both ethical and sustainable benefits, alongside commercial. Through adhering to temperature regulations, products remain usable reducing the waste and impact on the environment whilst limiting the need for repurchasing of resources and additional chemicals.

Benefits of Cold Storage

  • Extending storage space
  • Limits waste and need for repurchasing
  • Prolongs the longevity of pharma products
  • Temperature control
  • Minimal temperature fluctuation
  • Internal and external monitoring
  • Internal and external placement

CRS Pharma

At CRS, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke and innovative solutions which truly meet the needs and wants of our clients. Having the NaturaLINE refrigerant component, we deliver cold storage which benefits both our clients and the environment whilst still being extremely cost-efficient against our major competitors.

View our range of pharmaceutical cold stores today and discover more of their benefits and features that can help dramatically improve the storage and distribution of your pharmaceutical products.

View Pharma Grade Cold Storage

Get in touch today with CRS Pharma to discuss the needs of your business today, our dynamic and experienced team can help create bespoke cold storage solutions for increasing the efficiency of your storage.

Monday 19th July 2021

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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