40ft ULT -70ºC Trolley Store with Dual Redundant Freezer Container with Antechamber

40ft ULT -70ºC Dual Ultra-Insulated Trolley Container with Antechamber

40ft of Ultra-insulated space with a dual redundant freezer unit and 8 side doors for trolley access, this vaccine store is ideal for the mass distribution of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines. With NMR-372 Dual Redundant Freezing, you have peace of mind your vaccines are being kept at the correct temperature in any scenario. Acting as a failsafe, the second system freezer unit will automatically kick in during an unlikely breakdown or malfunction scenario.

Two 40ft containers joined side by side; the second is a 40ft Antechamber capable of reaching -20˚C providing further temperature control for the ULT. Acting as a gateway, it ensures whilst the door is open for entry cooler air is circulating into the container compared to usual ambient temperatures.

Suitable for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine


  • 40ft -70˚C Ultra-Insulated Container with NMF-372 Dual Redundant Freezer
  • 40ft -20˚C Antechamber
  • Single leaf low-temperature doors with trace heating
  • Flat, non-slip internal floor surface
  • Internal lighting
  • Emergency lighting in the Antechamber
  • Door mounted temperature display
  • Operator trapped alarm system

Technical Specification

Our state-of-the-art technology includes a door-mounted temperature display that ensures quick access to monitor the vaccine store and ensures it is at the correct temperature for effectively storing the vaccines. With standard safety features including non-slip flooring and internal lighting, it is extremely safe to be working inside with an operator trapped alarm system and emergency lighting within the antechamber in case of an emergency.

Can be upgraded to include additional antechambers

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