-70ºC Vaccine Cold Stores

-70ºC Vaccine Cold Stores

Our experience within the Pharmaceutical industry has allowed us to quickly design and develop a range of four vaccine storage solutions which meet the ultra-low -70˚C temperature requirements of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. 

When it comes to storing the vaccine, the 10/20/40ft ULT contain ultra-thick 180 mm insulation in the walls and roof panels ensuring the pharmaceutical freezers achieve Ultra-Low Temperatures in external ambient temperatures of up to +50˚C. 

The specially designed ULT freezer range is equipped with cascade refrigeration units with two systems. Each has an independent compressor; one for the high-temperature system operating on R134a and one for the low-temperature system operating on R23. This enables the high-temperature system to cool the condenser for the low-temperature system to provide ULT air at the necessary -70˚C.  


While our trolley stores have antechambers as standard, all models in the range can be upgraded with additional antechambers outside the ULT area to reduce the circulation of warm air and decrease the chance of temperature variation and ice build-up.

The antechamber can function as a lobby area or changing room for operators to change into required PPE and additional clothing for maximum protection whilst working inside the ULT.

All models in the range can be equipped with a generator set capable of powering the unit if a power loss occurs while stationary or during transport.

Features Include

  • Easy-open butcher doors
  • Flat, non-slip internal floor
  • Internal and emergency lighting
  • Operator safety alarms
  • Door mounted temperature display

Optional Features Include

  • An Additional Antechamber
  • Changing Room
  • Back-Up Diesel Power Generators

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