PG7 Cold Store

PG7 Cold Store

Our high spec PG7 Cold Store provide concise controlled room temperature of +2°C to +8°C. It offers complete control of this chilled temperature range which is ideal for stability testing pharmaceutical products.

The +2°C to +8°C Cold Store is a fantastic addition to any facility and offers the perfect environment for protecting the integrity of refrigerated temperature-sensitive products.

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  • Dual Close Control modulating cooling systems.
  • Early warning alerts at +3ºC and +7ºC.
  • Internal lighting including emergency lights.
  • High quality build specification.
  • Easy open doors & Non-slip floors
  • Easy clean, stainless steel interiors.
  • Local audio visual alarms for total peace of mind.
  • Energy efficient refrigeration units.

Technical Specification

This high specification PG7 Cold Store offers temperatures within the recommended chilled storage range for pharmaceuticals. The large capacity makes it an ideal investment for any pharmaceutical company or laboratory involved in the storage or testing of termperature critial products.

Further Benefits include...

  • 3-Phase power supply.
  • 100% Weatherproof.
  • Man trap alarms for staff safety.

Further Information

The storage of pharmaceuticals and temperature sensitive products has to be highly accurate to maintain stability and efficacy of the product. The CRS PG7 Cold Store has been proven to offer a fantastic enviroment for not only the products, but employees operating the cold store and working within it.

The highly accurate temperature can be maintained by having two cold stores operting on a daily alternating duty standby cycle. This ensures that the chamber temperature is maintained within the correct tolerances for the storage of pharmaceutical products.

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