Temperature Controlled Stores

Temperature Controlled Stores

Increased Efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your stock turn around and expand your storage capacities with our Temperature Controlled Stores.

Product Range

  • Mega 20 Cold Store (16 pallet capacity)
  • Mega 40 Cold Store (36 pallet capacity)
  • Mega 45 Cold Store (44 pallet capacity)
  • Mega 60 Cold Store (54 pallet capacity)
  • Units can be combined (up to 400 pallet capacity)

Standard Features

  • High spec, premium quality, 4 pallet wide cold stores.
  • Store 18 – 400 pallets fully loaded.
  • Temperature range -40ºC to +35ºC.
  • Entirely weatherproof and designed for external use.

Temperature Controlled Stores

Our Temperature Controlled Stores can be made bespoke to suit your company’s requirements. As Pharmaceutical industries require reliable, high-quality storage facilities, CRS are focused on providing company adapted designs. At CRS Pharma Solutions, we work closely with our clients to ensure the our Temperature Controlled Stores meet their specifications.

Bespoke Cold Stores

We understand that every companies requirement will be slightly different. We aim to create a solution that will meet all your needs and provide the ultimate in versatility and ease of use. Every detail can make the biggest difference for your business, so by choosing a Temperature Controlled Stores  from CRS, you are investing truly bespoke Pharmaceutical cold store solution.

When it comes to Temperature Controlled Stores, CRS Pharma Solutions offer a variety of size options, ranging from sixteen pallet capacity all the way up to four hundred pallets. Temperature Controlled Stores allow you to store large quantities of products at a particular temperature. The temperature of these cold stores can be adapted to suit your storage requirements, between a range -40ºC to +35ºC. Our Temperature Controlled Stores offer the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to temperature and size requirements.

Mega Cold Store

Installation & Delivery

CRS Pharma Solutions can install our Mega Cold Stores at a time of your convenience. Our units can also be situated internally or externally, a great advantage if you are looking to free-up space within your premise.

Our Temperature Controlled Stores will offer endless benefits for your industry. From the most up-to-date security systems to non-slip floors. Here at CRS we are so confident in our product, that we offer a guarantee for maintenance in unforeseen situations.

Pharma Cold Storage

If you are looking to increase storage opportunities and maximise company profits, Temperature Controlled Stores can be the ideal solution. With many sizes to choose from, we are sure you will find what works for you. CRS Pharma Solutions pharmaceutical Temperature Controlled Stores cold stores have been in used in Medical Board approved sites for the storage of high-value inventories such as diagnostic kits, Vaccines and blood samples since 1996.

To discuss a Temperature Controlled Stores cold storage solution for testing or storage of pharmaceutical goods, call us today on 0800 852 298. Alternatively, you can complete our enquiry form, and a member of our experience team will get in touch to discuss your requirement.

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