How Pharmaceutical Cold Stores are Used

The pharmaceutical industry requires specific standards and concise storage environments. Due to the stringent requirements are put in place to ensure safety, having a cold store that is suitable for your industry needs is important.

At their core, Cold Storage Units are relatively similar and suitable for any industry. It’s the additional features that we implement to make them ideal for the rigorous requirements employed by most pharmaceutical companies.

The huge variety of features offered by cold storage provide huge benefits for pharmaceutical companies regarding storage and testing.

This article looks at the how pharmaceutical cold stores are used in a little more detail and underlines the significant benefits they offer.

Pharma Testing

Pharma Testing

Cold storage can be a convenient option for testing pharmaceutical products. During busy period’s where a lot of products may need to be tested within tight time frames, having easy access to a cold storage can act as a significant advantage.

Our pharma cold stores can be configured to provide concise Ambient Temperature within the recommended tolerances for testing pharmaceutical goods. As a standalone unit, increased capacity or to compliment another unit for offer full redundancy, our pharmaceutical cold stores are a fantastic investment and highly versatile. CRS understand the need to comply with company standards and industry regulations. Our stores offer the accurate conditions and increased capacity to allow vigorous testing to ensure product safety. Our cold storage solutions will enable you to take an adaptable approach to carrying out your experiments and offer increased precision in temperature control.


Pharma Cold Storage


Cold storage can be used to store products either externally or internally. If you have a wide variety of products ranging from medicine, vaccines or blood samples, cold storage can act as an extension of existing space.

Additionally, as the temperature can be controlled and range from -40ºC to +60ºC, our units offer an excellent opportunity to change the type of products that are stored. It enables short storage of products if needs are, providing complete flexibility.

The weatherproof aspects of cold storage, it can be safely placed outside. This will help free up space and can be used as a backup solution if required. As a result, extra cold storage is available as an option can assist in increasing productivity and efficiency within your business.

Due to the wide variety of sizes available, you can choose and tailor cold storage to suit your company and business needs.


Pharma Cold Stores

Quality maintenance

When working with sensitive products, it is vital to ensure that you can maintain quality. Ensuring that quality of products is high is imperative for the safety of use. If the quality of products is not at a regulated standard, this can have a negative impact. Following Medicine and pharmaceutical regulations is critical, so products are distributed at a required, safe standard.

Storage of medicines, blood samples and vaccinations is required at specific temperatures and having a cold store that is reliable and flexible can extend the life of products.

Having the correct cold room tailored to suit the needs and requirements of your industry can make a huge difference.

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Friday 7th September 2018

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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