Pharmaceutical Cold Room

Pharmaceutical Container solutions & Cold Rooms, what features make them PharmaGrade?

The pharmaceutical industry demands exacting standards and concise storage environments. At their core, our Pharmaceutical Container Cold Storage Units are the same for any industry. It’s the additional features that we implement to make them suitable for the exacting requirements required by most pharmaceutical companies.

This article looks at these features in a little more detail and highlights the significant benefits they offer.


Pharmaceutical Cold Room

Air Thermal Mapping

When working with temperature sensitive products, temperature mapping is vital. This can ensure that a Pharmaceutical Cold Room is efficient and controlled.

Temperature mapping allows any fluctuation in temperature to be monitored. If there are any issues with airflow restriction, ventilation, air conditioning systems or heating; mapping will allow differences in temperature to be calculated to ensure that products are stored safely under the industry and acceptable standard within the Pharmaceutical Container.


Pharmaceutical Cold Room

Pharmaceutical Container Alarm Systems

Ensuring that alarm systems are installed with pharma cold storage is vital. Due to the extreme sensitivity of some drugs stored, a back-up alarm system is necessary. This ensures that medicine, blood samples and vaccines are stored under strict, controlled temperature.

A Pharmaceutical Cold Room installed with the necessary alarm system will ensure that products are kept safe from temperature change or fluctuation, environmental damage or intruders. This is vital when monitoring products in the Pharmaceutical Container under strict pharma industry regulations and ensures the quality of pharma products is not compromised.


Pharma Cold Storage

Forced Air and Temperature Uniformity

Quality control is imperative to following pharmaceutical industry regulations. Forced air and temperature uniformity will help guarantee products are usable for patients at a safe level.

Fans within the Pharma Cold Room will ensure that air is circulated throughout from top to bottom to provide temperature control.  This is vital for controlling temperature effectively and protecting the contents within the pharma cold store.


PharmaGrade Cold Storage

Defrost Cycles & Auto defrost interlock systems

Auto defrost interlocking systems allow there to be a back-up solution in case of any power failures or temperature fluctuations should occur within the Pharmaceutical Container.

To ensure products are backed up safely and emergency facilities are available, defrost cycles and auto defrost interlock systems are important. In the case of emergencies in hospitals, many may choose to connect external cold stores to their independent power sources.

Here at CRS, we have become renowned for our consistent, reliable service. We allow our clients to expand their cold storage requirements cost effectively, encouraging growth and increasing profits.

CRS create cold store solutions which are renowned for their flexibility. Our Pharmaceutical Cold Rooms can be stationed outside, reducing the need for further construction and costly planning permission. When placing a refrigerated container outside, safety and security are an essential consideration, and we can advise on the best ways to combat these issues.

All this and more is backed up by the CRS promise of Consistent Reliable Service. To find out more or get your free, no obligation quote a Pharmaceutical Cold Room, call today on 1890 929 824.


Monday 15th October 2018

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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