Requirements for CRT (Ambient Storage)

Due to Pharmaceutical and medical healthcare industries being heavily regulated, following tight and specific temperature requirements is vital.

Medical centres, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals are required to ensure products are stored safely and quality is maintained.

Sensitive products such as medicine need to be stored within strict ambient storage and per manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to store products under stable temperatures could compromise patient safety. Controlled room temperature storage can provide stability and ensure that storage is monitored.

This article looks at some of main reasons for meeting CRT requirements.

Controlled Room Temperature

Companies within healthcare industries store a wide variety of products. Products can range from blood samples, medicine and vaccinations.

Due to a variety of products being temperature sensitive, temperature control is essential. The investment in a controlled temperature room store allows temperature to be adapted to suit the needs and requirements of these products. As a result, cold stores are versatile solution that can be adapted to suit the needs of a pharma industry.

The storage of products between temperatures of +15 to +25°C ensures that products are kept within manufactures specifications. Whilst storing Pharmaceutical goods, temperature is closely monitored to avoid fluctuations and maintain a constant level of refrigeration. This ensures safety and quality is maintained throughout product storage.

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Pharma Stabilty Testing

Stability Testing

Stability testing is integral within the pharmaceutical industry. Testing provides data on how the shelf-life, quality and substance life can be extended. Evaluation of substances under specific storage temperatures allows an insight into attributes that affect some pharmaceutical goods, thus allowing pharma industries to review product storage if required.

As a result, controlling the temperature of storage can prevent product degradation, minimises waste, reduce cost and is an efficient and effective solution for large and small pharmaceutical companies.

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Pharmaceutical company’s may be required to transport products around the country. For example, vaccinations and blood samples transportation to other facilities for experimentation or patient use may be required. Thus, the storage of products under an appropriate temperature which follows strict medical guidelines is important.

Quality control

Storing products under safe and specific temperature will maintain the quality of pharmaceutical goods. This will ensure that products are safe for consumption, testing and patient use.

Additionally, product life can be extended further by maintaining quality at a high and premium level. This is useful if aiming to have back up storage available all year round as can be used for emergencies.

One major reason for ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical goods, is the products such as medication can be life threatening if not stored correctly and under specific temperatures. Another issue with poor storage of medication is that chemicals can break down if they are stored in the incorrect environment. As a result, it is vital that products are strictly monitored so they remain effective for patient use.


Quality control further guarantees that Pharmaceutical industries can operate with a cost-effective solution to storing pharmaceutical goods. The investment in a controlled room temperature store is an ideal solution to assist in company growth whilst also meeting strict and tight legislations.

In addition to meeting medical guidelines, healthcare industries can focus on optimising productivity and look at opportunities where they can expand within. This is useful for those industries looking to invest time into wider research areas and expand on product storage.

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Thursday 15th November 2018

Published by: CRS Pharma Solutions

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