Modular Cold Rooms

Modular Cold Rooms

Easy installation.

Product Range

  • Micro Cold Room (2 pallet capacity)
  • Mini Cold Room (5 pallet capacity)
  • Maxi Cold Room (10 pallet capacity)
  • Mega Cold Room (20 pallet capacity)

Standard Features

  • Modular in construction for bespoke pharmaceutical cold storage installation.
  • Temperature range: -40ºC to +60ºC with full air thermal mapping results available.
  • Duty standby redundancy systems provide a back up on all critical features.
  • Recording and alarm probes are completely independent of control probes.
  • All control and monitoring probes have an accuracy of at least +/-0.5ºC and are
    calibrated at a minimum of three points across their normal reading range.
  • Force air circulation systems are used to ensure temperature uniformity.
  • Auto defrost interlock systems ensure the temperature within the chamber
    is not affected during defrost cycles.
  • Internal lighting including emergency lights with Minimum 300 lux lighting capacity.
  • Local alarm systems to cover under and over temperature, system faults, power failures, open doors and man-trapped conditions (all with audio-visual alarm activation with mute facility)
  • QBMS (qualified building management system) Alarm forwarding with volt free contacts Sample ports as standard – externally monitor and re-validate your cold store as and when required.

Modular Cold Stores

CRS offers a range of modular, pharmaceutical cold room storage units that are ideal for use in the Pharmaceutical industry. The range features units of all shapes and sizes. However, they are all highly specified to give optimum control and monitoring of temperate.

Complete control makes general storage and stability testing much easier, with temperature modification to +/-0.05ºC.

Our modular applications lend themselves well to pharmaceutical cold rooms. In many cases Pharmaceutical companies will need a quick solution, that can be delivered and installed on site. Our modular cold rooms are ideal for this scenario, and with temperature ranges from -40ºC to +60ºC they will meet most storage requirements.

Offering complete temperature uniformity through forced air circulation these modular cold room cold storage units are ideal for use in the pharma industry.

Boasting internal and emergency lighting as standard and alarm systems to cover numerous types of change with in the cold room.

Should you require a modular cold room freezer, our units can generate temperatures of down to -40ºC, more than cold enough to freeze most substances.

For stability testing, the modular cold rooms offer control and monitoring to an accuracy of at least +/-0.5ºC and are calibrated at a minimum of three points across their normal reading range.

CRS Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

CRS Pharma Solutions pharmaceutical cold stores have been in use in Medical Board approved sites for the storage of high-value inventories such as vaccines, diagnostic kits and blood samples since 1996.

To discuss a modular cold storage solution for testing or storage of pharmaceutical goods, call us today on 08000 852 298. Alternatively, you can complete our enquiry form and a member of our experience team will get in touch to discuss your pharmaceutical cold storage requirement.

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