Pharmaceutical Cold Stores

Pharmaceutical Cold Stores

CRS Pharmaceutical Cold Stores are available in a wide range of pallet capacities. They are mobile, easy to transport and quick to install, making them an ideal solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

These cold stores operate between -40ºC to +60ºC with full air thermal mapping results available on request. If you're looking for lower storage temperatures, try our Ultra-Low range.

Product Range

  • PG2 (PharmaGrade - 2 Pallets)
  • PG3 (PharmaGrade - 3 Pallets)
  • PG7 (PharmaGrade - 7 Pallets)
  • PG15 (PharmaGrade - 15 Pallets)

Standard Features

  • Weather-proof, pest/rodent proof and can be safely sited externally to free up valuable internal space
  • Standard Temperature range: -40ºC to +60ºC with full air thermal mapping results available
  • Duty standby redundancy systems provide a back up on all critical features
  • Recording and alarm probes are completely independent of control probes
  • All control and monitoring probes have an accuracy of at least +/-0.5ºC and are calibrated at a minimum of three points across their normal reading range
  • Force air circulation systems are used to ensure temperature uniformity
  • Auto defrost interlock systems ensure the temperature within the chamber is not affected during defrost cycles
  • Internal lighting including emergency lights with Minimum 300 lux lighting capacity
  • Local alarm systems to cover under and over-temperature, system faults, power failures, open doors and man-trapped conditions (all with audio-visual alarm activation with mute facility)
  • QBMS (qualified building management system) Alarm forwarding with volt free contacts
  • Sample ports as standard – externally monitor and re-validate your cold store as and when required.

PharmaGrade Cold Store

Pharmaceutical Cold Stores

Over the last 30 years, CRS Pharma Solutions have supplied High end and Quality Pharmaceutical cold stores. Our Pharmaceutical equipment is designed to maintain the optimum and consistent temperature required for pharmaceutical storing medical supplies.

Standard features include simple access doors with local alarm systems to cover under and over-temperature, non-slip floors and easy clean, stainless steel interiors, system faults, power failures. In addition, the units come supplied fitted with local audio-visual alarms for total peace of mind.

Mobile and quick to install

CRS Pharma Solutions Provide Pharmaceutical Cold Stores in a variety of sizes from the large walk-in cold stores to small cabinets. These are available as 2 pallet capacity mobile units to 51 pallet capacities that can suit your storage capacities. Pharma Cold Stores are mobile, cheap to transport and quick to install.

Our Pharmaceutical Cold Stores are weather-proof, pest/rodent proof and can be safely sited externally to free up valuable internal space.

Custom Pharmagrade Cold Stores

Alongside our range of standard Pharmaceutical Cold Stores, we can offer bespoke options to your every requirement. Providing a complete cold storage solution is what CRS do best if there is an option you do not see listed then call to discuss your requirement with one of our experienced Cold Storage Experts. We will do our best to accommodate all your needs.

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