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Hewlett Packard recently contracted CRS Ireland to refine their cold storage chambers to allow for product testing.

Hewlett Packard recently contracted CRS Ireland to refine their cold storage chambers to allow for product testing.

With Hewlett Packard’s R&D department based in Co. Kildare, they contacted CRS Ireland regarding the expansion of their current testing areas.

The chambers were to be made suitable for products testing, providing conditions for environmental and stress testing. A further requirement was that the temperature and humidity of the stores could be altered every two hours.

Concise temperature control is vital for testing to determine how their printers, inks and production materials reacted to temperature and humidity.

With their current suppliers unable to provide an adequate solution, Hewlett Packard requested the help of CRS. CRS was able to provide them with the temporary climate-controlled chambers they needed at short notice.

This successful installation led to further work for CRS from Hewlett Packard. They approached CRS looking for a more complex solution, two 40ft temperature and humidity units for stress testing within their facility.

Operations and Planning Manager at HP, Mark Murphy was asked about working with CRS Ireland, this is what he had to say:

“First of all, they are local and at a drop of a hat, we were able to make contact. We would be in contact on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. I found them very helpful; absolutely nothing was too much for them. They gave me confidence that they could deliver on the job, which helped when selling to management here at HP. I brought them into meet senior management ahead of our decision and they were able to answer any questions we had.”

“It was great to be able to remotely log in to the solutions. Getting live updates on temperature and humidity was reassuring and the online platform which allowed me to do this was great. I also liked the fact I got a live report of the previous 24 hours delivered to me each morning via email detailing the temperature and humidity for the previous day.”

The main challenge CRS faced with this installation was getting the required temperatures, to change quickly and efficiently. This technical issue was quickly remedied by the team at CRS. Working alongside the team at Hewlett Packed, we were able to correct it and meet the technical specifications demanded.

CRS was able to work on a relatively tight budget, with the cost of the project being a large factor for Mark and Hewlett Packard. Value for money and proposing a cost-effective solution were further reasons why HP chose CRS to undertake this project.

Here at CRS, we allow our client can spread the cost of purchases and rented storage over time, this was something that attracted to Mark, who was working with a limited budget for this project.

Speaking about the cost-effective payment plans he was offered, Mark said:

“Being able to spread the cost of these solutions was what got this project over the line. From doing research with other companies, the solutions would have cost in excess of 250k where with CRS Cold Storage, renting the products helped with being able to spread the cost over a number of year budgets."

Do you have a project that demands temperature controlled storage? If so, CRS can help you create a tailored solution that will adequately meet the needs of your business and budget. Discuss your requirements with our team of experts today. Contact Us.

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